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\Development of die casting aluminium moulds

To analyse the procedure for the manufacture of moulds for aluminium die casting it is important to mention both parts of a die casting mould:
- the fix part which is installed on the fix plate of the press;
- the mobile part which is installed on the mobile plate of the press.

In some case it is necessary to build proper slides/inserts in order to obtain particular figures or back drafts of the part.
In the manufacture of moulds for aluminium die casting following elements have always to be considered:
- form and dimension;
- mechanical and thermic shock;
- cooling;
- features of the press that has to be used.

The phase of development of moulds for aluminium die casting starts when the producer receives the manufacture order together with the final drawings and the technical specifications of the project.
The producer engineering staff prepares a draft of the 2D project which is sent to the customer for the approval.

Once the customer has approved the whole project the producer has to prepare the bill of materials. If there are improvement proposals, modifications or unclear dimension the producer’s engineering staff contacts the customer to agree the best solution.

The manufacturing phase is now beginning: the 3D project (matrixes, inserts, pins and blades) is prepared and the drawings are 100% checked.
The engineering staff has also to draw a bill of the normalized materials that have to be ordered and the 3D project of the electrodes has to be prepared.

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