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\Mechanical machinings

In some cases the supplier has to deliver the finished part. It means that after the casting procedure the pieces have to be machined. The mechanical machinings of the pieces include drilling, milling, threading, deburring, washing, sandblasting and painting.

The mechanical machinings are executed on CNC horizontal or vertical machines, on transfer machines and on the cabinet bench.

Following the modern qualitative standard all the die casted pieces are checked either during the machining phase or before the delivery (these tests are done on the basis of DIN ISO checking rates).

Often a more precise inspection is required: in that cases it is used a 3D measuring machine and corresponding inspection documents are then prepared and sent together with the good.

The supplier who has applicable machines and can produce the die casted pieces up to the execution of the mechanical machinings has more possibilities to increase the number of his customers.


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